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ExamTest - PC

常熟理工学院计算机理论考试题库在线刷题小程序 Changshu Institute of technology computer theory examination question bank online question brushing applet.



Demo -> DEMO


  • 共计约1,000道题目,全题库收录。

  • 拥有随机刷题、背题和试卷模式。

  • There are about 1000 questions in total, which are included in the whole question bank.

  • It has the modes of randomly brushing questions, reciting questions and test papers.


Environment Required

  • MySQL 5.5 +
  • PHP (Have PDO Mode)

Set Database

上传xxjs.sql到你的数据库上。 Upload xxjs SQL to your database.

修改 config.php Write config.php

db_host 是你的数据库地址,可以忽略默认的3306端口。 db_name 是你的数据库名。 db_user是你的数据库用户名。 db_pd是你数据库的用户名密码。

db_host is your database host, you can ignore default port(3306). db_name is your database name. db_user is your database user. db_pd is your database password.

Github Url

Here -> Github